[ He doesn't think about the memories here.

They tease at him, those thoughts of the past. Pull at his synapses, beckoning him down the lane of remembrance with each familiar sight and smell. Old conversations drift towards his ears, whispering just beneath legible level--but he doesn't let them get louder.

Even the faintest caress of the past singes his soul. So he doesn't think about the last time he was at Kate's apartment, the conversations shared of heavy emotion and careful intent, because it was always meant to end the way it had. One day, he was supposed to just disappear, and he was expected to see everything he ever cared about burn without so much as a blink.

Of the first task, he was successful. The second--

Stop, he commands himself, glancing around the dirty walls and stairs leading to Kate's door.

Don't think. Don't remember. Just keep putting one foot forward.

Moving mechanically, he's through the security system in a few seconds--he'd been the one to have it installed, after all--and then he's there, in that cramped and quiet sanctuary..

.. but he's alone.

(Always alone. That's how it's meant to be.)

Lavi inhales deeply, letting himself risk the familiarity of her scent, his fingertips tracing over walls, tables, and finally, the same couch he'd spent so much time staking as his own.

He almost smiles, but he stops. Can't remember the good without the bad just yet, so he won't let himself go that far.

But he will, as he has done so many times in the past, lay his weary head to rest here. In the silence and sense of temporary haven, he's soon fast asleep in the mausoleum of memories. ]